immersive plastic performance


Part of the immersive project DEEP INSIDE / GHT is the plastic performance "TRANSITION"
Over the course of 3 hours, more than 20 professional contemporary ballet dancers turned into a living set-design of the exhibition space.
The concept of the art project of the year has been transformed into a new interactive form of contemporary art, where the body of performers becomes mediums – guides to the artistic reality created by the author @staytrue_guys, (Luttik Mariya)
"TRANSITION" is a new branch of development of the multi-genre project DEEP INSIDE / GHT, which builds the path of the individual, the soul deep into oneself, helps to reunite with one's own spiritual principle. The participants of the performance reveal the main message of the immersive project with the help of choreography, and the viewer travels through the animated exhibition for three hours.
Dancers of the #love block at the rehearsal of the play
"TRANSITION" is a performance based on contact improvisation and consists of iconic themes - HAPPINESS, LOVE and FREEDOM.

Dancers-flowers grow from floor projections, and the mystical forest comes to life - are there spirits in it? Or is it people?
“The action of the performance is played in the locations of the DEEP INSIDE / GHT exhibition, starting in the “HAPPINESS” block - in a mysterious digital forest, where dancers are not trees, not animals, not people, not living walls, they are the spirits of this forest, mystical creatures personifying the state of this block.

They are motionless until they are animated by the dancer-soul, which symbolizes every Spectator, the modern Siddhartha, who went to the exhibition in search of inspiration and new answers.
Visionary artist Maria Luttik created a unique picture of the world using painting, sound design, video art, VR, AR and aroma compositions, and now she has added an unexpected expressive color to the drawing of the universe - she visualizes ideas with the help of a theatrical performance, where the human body - another artist's tool.
The dance of performers in the rays of exhibition projections is an opportunity to get a vivid impression and understand the meanings and messages of each block of the project, told in body language.
Playlist: A tribe called kotori – Oliver Koletzki, Liquid – Robot Koch, Porcelain (reprise version) – Moby feat. Jim Lames