The DEEP INSIDE/GHT exhibition fully immerses one in a given vibe through all the senses. One of them is the sense of smell.

And I thought - if I felt good somewhere, and it smelled good somehow, it would be great to take the smell of that place with me.

The DEEP INSIDE/GHT project has 5 smelling states:


Fragrances available in rollers and travel miniatures


Rollers are made of dark glass that preserves fragrances from sunlight.

Fragrance travel miniatures


You can buy reproductions from all the works in 3 types of prints:

Print on canvas (print stretched on a stretcher and fasteners for hanging)
Foamboard printing
Print on heavy design paper
The size of the reproduction can be the size of the original or smaller, taking into account the respect of the aspect ratio

The work can be framed.

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About fragrances

All odor-anchor states of the DEEP INSIDE/GHT project, are unisex and ethical (veg). All DEEP fragrances contain ambergris and are stabilized by white musk, which is almost the only synthetic component. It is important for the project to be as ethical as possible. All fragrances are also designed so that their particles you are sure to meet where you live. And again, you will physically feel the experience of the exhibition.

Hello, I am the fragrance HAPPINESS.

I smell a mystical forest, calling you to explore the depths of yourself. The forest is warm, summery, at night. Near a body of water. I will immerse you inside yourself through the notes of the oud, and open your consciousness with the smell of geosmin, an enzyme produced by wet soil. It evokes a sense of contentment and security in the dna-memory of all the people of the world. After all, wet soil means a harvest. Basic security. There will be food, all is well. The smell of ozone, black currants, mushrooms covered in moss. I am cozy and revealing. Breathe me in.

Hi, I'm the fragrance LOVE.BASE.

And I'm just liquid sex. Saturated, sensual, viscous. I smell of a luxurious dark rose with dewdrops, jasmine, the strongest natural aphrodisiac ylang-ylang. You will smell notes of prune in me. I am very thick and precious (it took a ton of petals for the 1 kg of jasmine grandiflorum absolute I have in me). I awaken the senses. Breathe me in.

Hi, I'm the fragrance LOVE.HIGH.

I am still sweet, but lighter, higher. The watery and citrusy notes in me lift your energy up. I play with shades of white rose on a cool sunny day. A certain detachment is given to me by elemi essential oil - this resin has been known since antiquity. Incense of elemi resin was an integral part of religious ceremonies in ancient China. Shall we fly?


my name is aroma "I"

I was conceived as paired ideal scents of masculine and feminine principles, which when mixed give a third scent, better than each of them separately. I complement and reveal the concept of “evolution of love”.

I am feminine - seductive, viscous, thick and powerful sweetness.
I am masculine - leathery, woody, solid.
When both parts of me are mixed, this is the music of the Higher Self, in which male and female qualities are combined.

I don’t know for sure, but they say it’s impossible to breathe in me. Do you recognize the whole you in me?

Hi, I'm the fragrance FREEDOM.

I smell an endless summer afternoon field, a motley grass, a bottomless blue sky. I smell peace. I contain Chamomile Romanum chamomile, one of the strongest herbal sedatives, which is excellent and helps with nervous shocks, obsessive fears, and mental pain. Geranium oil in me harmonizes, gives joy, brings peace and tranquility to the soul. Elemi essential oil (like all resins) heals not only physical but also mental wounds beautifully. I am the most soothing scent of the DEEP INSIDE/GHT project.

Hi, I'm the fragrance MOKSHA.

Breathe in, breathe out. 1-2-3. I found You inside (and found the whole world).
On the first inhale, I'm icy and it is the welcoming chords of mint and ozone. The grapefruit and bergamot in me give me bitterness on the second breath. And then... I open up with an unspeakable, impossible sweetness. As if about me so true said Nietzsche: "I love you, Eternity. When the mint recedes, bitter galbanum and high-altitude lavender appear, and it all goes smoothly into lime, narcissus, and hyacinth on a backing of amber and white musk. The resin of galbanum has been known in medicine since Old Testament times - galbanum has been a part of sacred incense. Inhaling lavender essential oil (I use only wild, highland lavender from Provence) has been proven to reduce stress levels - the healing properties of lavender have been known since ancient Greece, Persia and Rome.
Welcome home. The liberating scent of ozone, of space, opening up the upper centers, and connecting one to oneself.