About project

DEEP INSIDE/GHT – is a large-scale multi-genre work, built in the format of an artistic dialogue between the author and the spectator about the most intimate themes that concern everyone: HAPPY, LOVE and FREEDOM. The main parts of the project are defined by these words, they encrypt the rhetoric of humanity, addressed to the universe. The artist tries to convey the meanings contained in them through art, using traditional painting, sound design, video art, VR, AR, and special aroma compositions.

DEEP INSIDE/GHT is a fascinating, mystical, and technological journey, an exhibition-meditation, an immersion inside oneself for the inner treasures hidden in the depths of each Spectator. The project is created as the best date in the world, with the most important and dearest person - with yourself, the present. Throughout the 300 square meters of exhibition space, in three exhibition blocks, consisting of 10 rooms, the viewer will find the power hidden in the time of change in which we live. The project actively influences the Spectator: focusing his attention on the true values of life, on the search for inner support, and transmitting the ideas and energy of the spiritual practices of the great sages. The author uses art to translate complicated philosophical doctrines explaining the essence of human existence into a modern and accessible language, immersing the viewer in an environment where existential insights await.

"DEEP" means deep, "INSIDE" means inside, and "INSIGHT" means insight. And the whole exhibition is aimed at allowing the spectator to have his own deep, and relevant to him right now, insights. This project is a kind of "healing by presence. The healing of society through people who have experienced immersive art.

"I want the emotions aroused by the project to stay with the audience for years to come. They will forget the paintings, some details, but not their condition.
(c) Luttik Mariya, visual contemporary artist, @staytrue_guys.

DEEP INSIDE/GHT – a portal project that brings the viewer back to himself.


Dear visitors! For a comfortable visit to the spectacular project, we recommend taking headphones with you to listen to the audio guide.

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