non-fungible token
NFT is a unique token, it is like a digital entry in the blockchain registry that gives you the rights to own a unique object of the digital space.

DEEP INSIDE/GHT is an innovative art project, and following our values, we connect to the project the first platform in Russia that allows you to collect NFTs, while paying for them with a regular ruble bank card.

Now everyone has heard about NFT, and often, standing in front of a job you like, you think: “wow, I want it.”

And now - QR redirects you to the page with NFT. To own which you need to have a crypto wallet and ethereum.

You buy a painting in NFT.

Now you are a collector, and your favorite works are always with you.



The so-called genesis drop.
The main collection in a single or limited edition.
Available for purchase for Ethereum from an existing crypto wallet: